Richard Filewood & Jason Costigan | NQ FirstNORTH Queensland First Leader and Whitsunday MP Jason Costigan has welcomed today’s official registration of the State’s newest political party by the Electoral Commission of Queensland, setting the scene for the ‘Battle of the North’ in next year’s State Election.

Speaking ahead of a media conference in Townsville, Mr Costigan said the registration of North Queensland First by ECQ officials – almost exactly a year out from the poll – was a massive step forward for the fledgling brand, which was originally unveiled on September 2 on the eve of State Parliament sitting in North Queensland.

“To have NQ First up and running so quickly, in effect, having it registered within two months is a huge outcome which is exciting for many constituents whom I represent as well as people who live elsewhere in Central, North and Far North Queensland,” he said.

“Unlike most other political parties, we’re based in North Queensland and for North Queensland with the ultimate goal being separation from Queensland and along the way, ensuring our people getting a better deal from the State Government after decades of neglect by the two major parties who are on the nose more than ever before.”

Mr Costigan said he had high hopes for NQ First going into the next State Election, to be held on 31 October 2020, and reiterated his geopolitical objectives.

“As I have said previously, NQ First will be gunning for seats from Calliope to the Cape and if we can win half a dozen of those seats, we would make a big statement in changing the political landscape in this State and with a bit of luck, hold the balance of power which would ultimately lead to better outcomes for my people and others elsewhere,” he said.

“I also want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the tireless efforts of two of my greatest supporters who also happen to be constituents. Richard Filewood and Angela Nixon have been steadfastly loyal to the cause and in my current profession, those qualities aren’t exactly found in abundance. Without them, this wouldn’t be happening.

“With the paperwork sorted, we’ll have a party meeting at some stage sooner than later and geographically, spread out from there. Whilst I will be in charge of the parliamentary wing of the party, our organisational wing will also be in good hands with good people and I’m sure that will be encouraging for many constituents and people in other communities.”