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North Queensland First (NQF) is a conservative, pro-North Queensland political party and believes that Queensland and Australia was founded on traditional Christian values, notwithstanding our respect for people from non-Christian backgrounds.


NQ First pledges $4.5m to kick-start Pioneer Valley tourist railway

TOURISTS visiting Mackay’s picturesque Pioneer Valley could one day make the journey by train, if North Queensland’s newest political party gets its way at the State Election on October 31. In what would be a huge boost to the tourism industry in the Mackay-Whitsunday...

Bowen to the Pilbara: NQ First backs transcontinental railway

A PROPOSED transcontinental railway linking Bowen with Western Australia’s Pilbara, paving the way for the resurrection of Australia’s steel-making industry, has the support of NQ First. North Queensland’s newest political party says if it wins the balance of power at...

NQ First promises $200k to develop Hydeaway Bay sporting fields

NEIGHBOURING seaside communities from Dingo Beach to Cape Gloucester will benefit from the development of sporting fields at Hydeaway Bay, if Whitsunday MP and NQ First Leader Jason Costigan is re-elected to State Parliament with the balance of power. After inspecting...


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