NQ First is strongly committed to securing billions of dollars in additional infrastructure spending in North, Far North and Central Queensland from royalties generated in the resources sector.

That is why, on 24 February 2020, NQ First announced our flagship $6b Real Royalties for Regions policy, which is centred on distributing more funding than ever from State Government royalties to communities in North, Far North and Central Queensland.

After all, at NQ First, we believe we’re entitled to much more than what is happening from royalties stemming from the export of our minerals, especially coal, base metals, gas and petroleum from ports such as Gladstone, Hay Point, Abbot Point and Townsville.

NQ First’s Real Royalties for Regions, spread over four years, is 12 times bigger than what the LNP gave us when they were in Government. The current Labor equivalent is worth even less money, made worse by the fact that communities just a couple of hours from Brisbane are eligible!

Needless to say, NQ First believes that the wealth generated from the Bowen Basin, the North West Minerals Province and the soon-to-be-developed Galilee Basin should be helping North, Far North and Central Queensland more than ever before – not funnelled into the South-East corner.

NQ First’s Real Royalties for Regions will be used to deliver major job-creating and economic-driving infrastructure in North, Far North and Central Queensland – from water infrastructure projects to major improvements to road and rail infrastructure and much, much more.

The program could be compared to what the Nationals achieved in Western Australia some years ago, prompting an unprecedented infrastructure spending program in regional WA.

War On Crime

NQ First’s War on Crime policy will grant police increased powers including the go-ahead to conduct high-speed pursuits as part of a suite of crime-busting measures.

NQ First’s 10-point ‘War on Crime’ plan is;

  1. Tougher sentencing for repeat offenders, with juvenile offenders on bail to undergo 24/7 monitoring by youth justice, easing the pressure on police officers with changes to rehabilitation programs including ‘on-country’ initiatives to maximise positive outcomes;
  2. Close loopholes within the domestic violence legislative framework and increase support for victims including personal safety devices and additional crisis accommodation; 
  3. 500 extra police officers from Marlborough to the Cape; including increased recruitment of indigenous police officers and the establishment of the Cape York Police Tracker Center;
  4. Return of high-speed pursuits, where and when required;
  5. Hoon’s cars to be confiscated and third-time offenders to have their cars crushed.
  6. Bail conditions to be tightened, with labor’s “bail houses” to be axed;
  7. Public sex offenders register to be set up;
  8. The establishment of a SPER like system where the offenders that have caused damage to victims property, have to pay compensation;
  9. Increased funding for neighbourhood watch in North and Far North Queensland;
  10. Increased police resources including new police stations in Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Proserpine and Clermont, a dedicated police helicopter based in Townsville and a water police vessel in Mackay. 

We need to take a big stick approach now more than ever before ~ otherwise we will see a society in further decay and our regional and rural communities full of mayhem and misery because of this growing criminal element that needs to be exterminated.  

Insurance Policy

Insurance is a dirty word for many people but we believe our plan will go a long way to alleviate the problem. Don’t forget there is a growing number of consumers who can’t even get insurance.

NQ First’s plan involves;

  • The abolition of stamp duty on home, contents and strata insurance products (as per the recommendations of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) for people residing in or with properties (including boats or moorings) in North and Far North Queensland.
  • The establishment of the North Queensland Insurance Office (similar to what was the SGIO), headquartered in Townsville and fianced by NQ First’s Real Royalties for Regions Program.
  • The reappointment of a Minister for Consumer Affairs.
  • Changes to State legislation and the lobbying of the Federal Government to make necessary legislative changes to deliver better protection for consumers in accordance with the ACCC recommendations.
  • The construction of mitigation works such as flood levees to make communities more resilient and maximise the reduction in premiums paid by consumers.
  • $10m in support over four years for James Cook University’s Cyclone Testing Station.

You only have to go back and look at those recommendations that flowed from the inquiry into the insurance debacle in Northern Australia. We are still waiting perhaps another four years to another election and the yearly cyclone season.